“And it begins with he language you put forward in your job descriptions. Recently, we posted for a new role that I’ve titled, “All Around Great Human Being That Knows Tech.” It’s our sincere hope that not only will this ad catch someone’s eye, but also that interested candidates will be drawn to the prospect of being recognized first for what others might refer to as their “soft skills.” Over the time I’ve been managing, I have grown to appreciate these skills and values as crucial to success of any project or of any team.”

Jean-Philippe Leblanc, VP – Product Engineering at Shutterstock gives his perspective on hiring tech talent in this Techvibes article.

Read more: https://techvibes.com/2017/05/01/hiring-the-best-tech-people-focus-on-non-tech-skills

Neeta Grover
Sr. Strategy and Market Coordinator at Invest Barrie, City of Barrie