Entrepreneurs are known for breaking the rules and making mistakes as they drive their business towards growth and success. This makes the need for mentors even more valuable. Good mentors share lessons learned and save entrepreneurs (new and old) from making crucial mistakes which would have been avoided by good advice from someone who has been down a similar path before.

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“As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly collecting and synthesizing information; thinking tactically and long-term simultaneously. You’re never asking for permission but getting the facts together in order to make the best decisions possible at any given time — and good mentors who’ve been there before are the best way to make these decisions.”




Read more in this Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/rodebrahimi/2013/11/14/why-entrepreneurs-need-good-mentors/#3fd13ebc126e

Neeta Grover
Sr. Strategy and Market Coordinator at Invest Barrie, City of Barrie