Gary Crowell’s Good Green Earth Company has an exciting product aimed at making indoor composting easy and practical. Using centuries old Japanese composting technique known as “Bokashi” Gary’s indoor composting system offers an easy alternative to current composting practices. The Bokashi composting kit is an odourless composting bin which, when adding the Bokashi culture mix also produces an organic, nutrient rich soil that can be used in home gardens. The benefits do not stop there however, as the system produces an organic waste which Gary refers to as “Good Green Earth Tea.” This “tea” can not only be used to enrich the already prime soil, but also as a natural organic household cleaner which may be safely used to unclog drains!

I asked Gary about the beginnings of the business and he told me a story of a bootstrap entrepreneur. Gary started the business out of his home and was born out of a love of gardening, and the environment. Once Gary knew he had something with the product he began pounding pavement until he landed on the shelf of some local businesses including Home Hardware. Since then Gary has been able to grow the company with networking and dedication. Good Green Earth is even reaching as far as West Baffin and Nunavut. When asked about the challenges he faced Gary commented on the need to advertise, and to be dedicated to the product. He went on to speak on how Barrie is an amazing environment to start a business. The help from the community and other established businesses in the area is a great advantage for a start-up. Gary is currently undertaking the task of rebranding and re launching his website including a new logo. Stay tuned to the Barrie Entrepreneurs Connect Portal for updates on Gary and Good Green Earth.

For more information about Gary and Good Green Earth, check out his website @ or follow Good Green Earth on Facebook or Twitter.