Barrie-based technology company gets the thumbs up from seven angel investors from Georgian Angel Network (GAN), along with other local investors. Michael Badham, GAN’s Managing Director is confident that the Barrie ecosystem is a great for technology companies:

“The eco-system in Barrie for entrepreneurs to commercialize their innovations is alive and active,” says Badham. “From start-up to their Series A round of growth financing, founders can receive funding grants and quality mentorship right here in the southern Georgian Bay area. It’s very exciting to be a part of this community.”

LinkGreen’s networked marketplace creates a more efficient way for businesses to connect, transact and communicate with each other. We help business enrich their existing relationships by expanding into the connected world, creating a seamless experience between buyers and suppliers.

As a long–time garden center owner, Warren Patterson was frustrated with the costly and time-consuming traditional process of ordering product and came to the realization that his industry was severely behind in the move to the digital world. From this moment of awareness, he researched possible online solutions, only to find that there was a alarming gap with online adoption in other industries like his own. Thus, he set out to resolve the issue by creating an online ordering solution, targeting those fragment industries in a way that leverages the “network effects” of modern platforms.

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Neeta Grover
Sr. Strategy and Market Coordinator at Invest Barrie, City of Barrie