Even though yesterday was officially International Women’s Day, at Entrepreneurs Connect the celebration continues, we are excited to introduce Neta Talmor from No Hassle Website!

Neta’s business offers a simple solution to designing, creating and maintaining a website for your business! By purchasing a No Hassle Website you will have easy to follow instructions for connecting your existing accounts, mail service, Facebook, etc. You will be able to plug in your own text, images and content into all pre-designed pages that are already built in to your No Hassle website, and finally be able to bask in your own glory!

Neta Talmor, Founder and Owner of No Hassle Website.

What got you interested in working in your industry? What was your trajectory to get to where you are today?
I have been an entrepreneur since my teens and never really worked for anyone else. I started learning about online businesses and online marketing about 15 years ago and since then all my businesses were online businesses, even though they were very different and diverse – online vacation packages to Costa Rica, custom wedding dresses, cloth diapers and plug-and-play websites for online entrepreneurs, to name a few. The main reason I always wanted to be an entrepreneur was because I wanted to be my own boss, and the main reason I love online entrepreneurship is because it takes me 30 seconds to commute to work, and I have full control of my time and location.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career? What has been the most frustrating?
The most rewarding aspect of my career is the freedom I have at any given point to create anything I want, do or not do anything I want, develop new products, travel whenever I want and spend time with my family. The impact on my customers and the positive feedback from them is extremely rewarding, but I think that the freedom that allows me to do all of it is even greater.

The most frustrating part of my career is that for many years, until the last couple of years, there was no correlation between the quality of my products, my dedication and hard work, creativity and brains, and my bank account balance! Despite working very hard, being innovative and focused, in most cases, I did not reach the financial goals that I was trying to reach, and in many cases I would have made more money working at a minimum-wage job. This never made me want to work for someone else, because the financial aspect is just one aspect of my business, but it was frustrating and challenging at times.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome in your career?

I think every day there are challenges and hurdles to overcome, and I can’t think of any specific challenge that I would call the biggest challenge of my career. There were times when things went really bad in terms of the financial situation a particular business was in, or a difficult customer service situation that was out of my control but I had to deal with the implications and impact it had on my customers.

What advice do you have for other women (or men) who would like to get into a career like yours?
Entrepreneurship in general and online entrepreneurship in particular, are not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of grit and tenacity, and perseverance. It also takes a lot of self-discipline and a no-excuses attitude. No one will tell you what you need to do and when you need to do it, and you will have to learn pretty much everything on your own. If you possess these qualities, then you can love and thrive in the entrepreneurial world, but if you know in your heart that you lack these traits, then I recommend you consider a different career path…

What piece of advice, or tip from a mentor, do you think about often that has helped you make decisions about your professional life?
My parents both chose careers and professional paths that aligned with what they loved doing and wanted to do. Money, job-security, financial-security and social status were never part of the decision making process as far as choosing a career path. They successfully instilled that kind of mindset in my brother and I, and that mindset and framework guides my professional life decision to this day.

Can you walk me through a typical day?
I wake up at 7:30AM and prepare the kids for school. I get on my computer at 9AM and work non-stop until 2PM or so (with a quick stop for breakfast with my husband). During what I like to call my “morning shift” I mainly deal with answering emails and with customer support in my Facebook support group for my customers. At 2PM I try to get a quick nap before the kids get back from school. The afternoon hours are dedicated mostly to family and home stuff. Around 10PM I get on my computer again for my “night shift” and I work usually until around 1:30-2AM on growing my business, new products, marketing etc.  I go to sleep around 2:30-3AM. Both my husband and I love working at night, but because I have to wake up early, I end up sleeping only about 4-5 hours a night which is not ideal but works well for me. I usually work on the weekend as well, I just sleep in a bit more and spend more time with the family.

If you could spend a year studying something, what would it be?
1 or 2 new languages.

What hobbies or passions outside of work currently occupy your time? Or what project(s) are you currently working on?
We love traveling in our family so any spare time goes to traveling or planning the next trip! Next one on the list is 2.5 weeks in India in May.

What advice would you give your fourteen-year-old self?
I was an old soul at 14 already and I have no regrets about anything I chose since, so I have no advice other than to always trust myself and do things my own way, just as I did all through the years.