Redline Brew House is located right in Barrie on Bayview Road.  Using only high quality ingredients from North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, this brew house is committed to tradition and respect for classic techniques. Their brewing techniques are closely rooted to Belgian and American schools of thought. Their goal is to “brew beer you love, and beer that leaves you with a unique and memorable experience.”

We had the pleasure of speaking with Darci Williams, Owner/Marketing Manager. She spoke to the importance of creating a culture in their brew house and restaurant.  Redline Brew House was founded by the Williams family, including Darci’s parents, brother and sister. When they begin, it was in question about bringing in partners, but as a driven family, it was decided it was best to do it themselves. As a family they learned the industry and had many hard lessons in starting a brew house in Barrie. They needed to trust themselves that they were going to do a good job, knowing that they were starting at ground zero. “It’s been a lot of learning curves, and it’s been three years in” says Darci. Having the right people in place, this business grew very quickly and is now a known staple in the Barrie food and beverage scene.

As the brew house shifts into the next phase of their business, they are dedicated to creating a culture within their very own four walls. It is important to the Williams family that Redline Brew House is a familiar, community place and a place to go get educated about great craft beer. When you visit the brew house you are greeted by friendly staff with a lot of enthusiasm to teach you about their craft beer and the brewing process. Through constant training with the Head Brew Master, the staff is well educated about their beers, interesting ingredients and traditional brewing techniques. We’d say that Redline Brew house is already successful in creating a comfortable culture that educates guests so they try new beers that they would not normally!

Redline Brew House caters to all customers; from those who haven’t tried a craft beer, to those who only drink craft beer. They are currently building their events and looking to expand and host live bands. Their beers are being offered in LCBOS and continuing to grow across the province. Their sales representative team is also hiring to continue their steady growth through Northern and Western Ontario.

What a great job this family has done! We cannot wait to see what the William’s family has in store for us next!

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