Have a business idea? Looking to grow your business? One of our key sponsors, the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre is here to Take Your Business Further Faster!

To get access to their amazing programs and mentors, follow the steps below:

Step One: Complete the intake form
Step Two: Attend orientation session
Step Three: Access our resources

Research indicates that many of today’s professionals will change jobs 12 times in their careers. Why not develop and start your own business?

At the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre, they will help YOU excel in business by:

– accessing one-on-one coaching with experienced mentor
– connecting with entrepreneurs who have started, managed and sold businesses

– marketing services
– financial services- technology services
– prototyping and product development
– e-business solutions





– public grants and loan
– Henry Bernick Seed Fund
– Network of Angel Organization
– private loans





– Henry Bernick Toolkit
business planning
– patent filing


Henry Bernick: Accelerating student dreams
“Studying in a traditional postsecondary program is like baking a cake. But then adding entrepreneurship studies on top of it, no matter what your profession or industry, is like the icing on the cake and of course, icing is the best part!”
– Henry Bernick

Through a generous donation to establish the Entrepreneurship Centre, Henry Bernick is helping entrepreneurs find their mentors, reach their potential as business leaders and play key roles in transforming and evolving the local economy

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