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Entrepreneurs’ minds are jammed full. We love to hoard information with the thought that someday that tidbit of info will be of use to us. I think we do this subconsciously and, like a squirrel, we are saving nuts for a rainy day so we have what we need at the ready to make decisions. We tend to draw on our information “reserves” for critical choices.

The challenge with that is our hard drives become so crammed with data that we can’t always easily compute to get to the salient points. Sometimes we need to clear our minds. We need to purposefully stop the constant flow of work data coming in and allow our souls to chill out. Now this may seem ultra spiritual and, maybe it is. But by allowing ourselves to simply BE we allow ourselves to debug. The computer analogies aside, I’m guessing many of you know what I mean by a crammed brain and no time to contemplate life in general.

The point is we all function more efficiently when we clear our heads and don’t fill every nook and cranny with information, data and scheduled interactions.

I know for an entrepreneur it’s hard to not always be working and pushing more and more into our heads. What’s actually harder to do is simplify the information down to the succinct facts you really need to hold on to and filter the unnecessary stuff that comes along with it. Think about it like creating a succinct power point slide instead of a wall of words on a slide. When you sit in those presentations and a slide comes up with a ton of info don’t you want to just say – get to the point?

So for two good reasons I encourage every entrepreneur to take time to purposefully allow your mind to rest. First reason – because it needs a regular and scheduled clearing. And second because it allows you to open up your mind to explore things you may not be seeing today. That’s the beauty of a mind at rest. It still thinks…. just more freely.

5 tips to open your mind:


  1. Take a walk alone – without your iPhone.
  2. Turn on soft music and sit down for 15 minutes with your favorite beverage. No books, papers or pda’s.
  3. Invite your family to dinner. At your house. With you present.
  4. Go to a museum of art, the symphony or the ballet. Find an activity that asks you to think and view creativity, without your active participation.
  5. Go to the park. Sit on a bench. Breathe deeply.