Asskicker Ink. The name stands out, just like the women who wear, or should we say, rock this brand. Julie Bateman of Barrie created an activewear brand for women, with the intent of bringing comfort, style and empowering messages for all body types.

Asskicker Ink started when Julie noticed that finding active wear for her body type, which is 5’ 11” with varying weights, was difficult. She wanted activewear that not only fit her properly but was comfortable for when she was participating in all of her fitness activities. Julie was an active participant in the Roller Derby community right here in Barrie—which is where the name came from—her Derby name was Annie Asskicker. Julie decided to use her skills from her graphic design background to design a few clothing pieces. She showed a few friends; the designs where later shared on Facebook and then orders started to roll in. Asskicker Ink was officially started and Julie’s business has been growing rapidly ever since!

Julie has assembled a full line of apparel and accessories that show uplifting sayings with a fit for all body types. One of her main messages to women is ‘strong women lift each other up.’ She works with local suppliers whenever possible, that are mostly owned and run by women. She has many partnerships in the business world that have come from her background in Roller Derby. When speaking with Julie, it was quite clear how excited she is to have the opportunity of collaborating with other women entrepreneurs.

“All of the models in our first photo shoot were local women who were also business owners.”

If you have not had the opportunity to try on a piece from Asskicker Ink, we highly suggest you do so! Julie has selected fabrics that are soft, flowy, and complimentary to all sports. Being very active herself, Julie has done a lot of research in many sports with her clothing to ensure its performance. She has also taken into consideration many functional aspects like opaque fabrics that won’t be see through when you’re working out or pockets in their performance leggings, shorts and capris that are large enough to hold your smart phone or keys; and a comfortable high waist band that stays in place when you squat, run or twist. Julie’s passion for an active and heathy lifestyle comes through in every piece she has designed. Whether you are purchasing her Flowy Racerback Tank Tops or her Pocket Compression Leggings, you will feel the difference in quality, and performance. But most importantly you will be wearing a local brand that was created by a passionate woman who is eager to spread her message to all -women; Work hard. Play hard. Kick ass. Julie is a firm believer that balance is important, and you can reach your goals if you put the work in (whether they’re fitness goals, lifestyle goals, career goals or anything else.)

What is Julie doing now? She has begun transitioning the brand name from Asskicker Ink to Asskicker Activewear and is in the beginning stages of trademarking the name! You can also find Julie behind her desk creating her next line. She let us in on some insider information and shared that we can expect to see collaborations with other local businesses! Julie is also taking part in programs that are put on by our partners, the Small Business Centre and the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre. We expect only great things from Julie and Asskicker Ink!

“I truly believe in collaboration over competition. If we work together, we can all reach our goals.”