Its a new year, a time to implement your new year business plan! For some businesses, heading into a new year can be a daunting task. If your in need of some guidance, we have just the right consulting firm for you! Meet Teena, she is the founder and owner of Botree Inc. We had the opportunity of meeting Teena, and this is what she had to say! 

As an entrepreneur it is very easy to get lost in the day to day operations of your business. It is so important to step back to look at the bigger picture, your end goals, and review the path you need to take to get there. However, sometimes this is hard to do yourself and a little help is what you need – this is when Botree comes in. We spoke with Teena of Botree and learned all about the great things her and her team have been doing for businesses!

What is Botree? Botree is a local company in Simcoe County offering a boutique consulting and training experience. The consulting services include and implementation, strategy overview and development, business coaching, new business development, joint-venture strategy, and employee initiatives,. Botree’s training services include a custom blend of communication and culture, sales, workflow process, leadership and management and lastly, is not industry specific.  Botree being industry agnostic  allows them to provide a non-bias value based conversation to create some disruption and evolution to organizations, creating growth, innovation and sustainability.  .

Teena started Botree after working in the medical field as Registered Nurse and Industry Sales and Marketing Executive. Like most entrepreneurs, she felt like she needed a change with her career and challenge her capacity as a Women in business. With a need to keep earning income to support her family of 5, and an unclear path she thought why not start a consulting business? Teena started by consulting mostly medical industry businesses, as her business grew she started to take on a variety of industries. It started with an inquiry from an Agricultural business, she told us that at the time she did not feel she had the knowledge to take on a client like this, but that is what made that training project such a success. Having an outsider perspective on this project gave her client a whole new outlook that was never thought of before; infact it created an industry shift with Agriculture manufacturing. She tells us that 9 years later, she still works with that client! Teena has had great success with her business but like many of us, she has had her moments of doubt. In the beginning she shared with me that she was at a point where she wondered if this was the right decision for her and especially her family. Days later, 7 proposals that she had out had come back confirming they wanted to hire her for the job! She has not looked back since, and her business is quickly growing! Teena now has a team of advisors, instructional design experts, and strategic facilitators supporting her. She has grown from a one-person team, to four full time employees, and twelve freelance consultants! She now offers services to all industries including health care, agriculture, software, manufacturing, not-for-profit, private colleges, law firm – the list goes on and on!

“…driving optimization through process and people.”

We had the opportunity to sit with Teena, and asked her What does being a woman in business mean to you?

Teena answered very humbly and said, it is having the opportunity to empower the younger generations. She loves that being successful means she can make an impact on younger women who want to start their own businesses. Teena is showing the young women of Simcoe County that you can put down the barrier women face in entrepreneurship. Teena stated that she thought success and mentorship would mean having your name everywhere, and being financially successful. Teena feels that true achievement of success is when she can see that she is teaching her children you can achieve success and fulfillment if you put your mind to it and take the leap of faith.  Teena also runs a NPO in Simcoe that fosters the same values of focus on fulfillment both personally and professionally  by providing a portal for women to feed their souls so they can go out and feed the souls of others.  This organization has grown from her vision of 1 Woman to 235 strong Women across the region.  The organization is We Unite ( Women Empowered Unite Communities).

Recently Teena has  been a speaker of Chamber Breakfasts, she has attended Xcelerate Summit in Barrie, and ran a workshop about creating culture in your workplace. Continuing to grow her business, Teena has also completed the Starter Company Plus Program at the Small Business Centre in Barrie, and most recently became a proud Gold Sponsor of the Sandbox to support other growing Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs to fulfill their career goals and aspirations, through collaborative support. Teena has created a great business with Botree, and we look forward to following her in her entrepreneurial journey. Follow Botree here: