It may be a rainy start to the weekend, but that is no excuse to be a couch potato! Why not let today be the day you get involved in the social enterprise development in your community! This morning, I want to introduce to you (if you have not heard of them already) SENCO. This is an initiative of Georgian College’s Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation!

Georgian College’s Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation is found within the four walls of the college and it is a initiative that brings together faculty, students and non-profit organizations. These individuals are brought together to work together to respond to complex issues and affect positive social change. Many projects, including research, and workshops are student-led! The Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation is educating the next generation of changemakers to use social entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to transform their community.

If that did not already sound amazing, this centre also has an initiative called SENCO.

SENCO works with social enterprises and inspiring social entrepreneurs, organizations and community leaders to enhance economic approaches to support and enhance our communities! SENCO inspires, connects and equips those looking to engage in social enterprise to face cultural, environmental and social challenges in our region.

“Our goal is to be the bridge to new knowledge, resources and supporting business practices to achieve financial growth and sustainability through social enterprise.” – SENCO

So whether your a community member, or student interested in social enterprise, make today the day you take your idea to the next level with SENCO. Visit their website to learn more about getting in touch and learning the next steps of being involved in this amazing initiative! You can find their full listing of events or visit our Events Calendar to see when their next event is.


“Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.”