I had the opportunity of chatting with the founders of Shiny Soul Creations, Brittany and Victoria! These two beautiful ladies are partners in a gemstone jewelry company, located right here in Barrie. Brittany and Victoria have created a well-known local brand that designs gemstone jewelry that creates connections in a positive way. Each piece is designed with an intention for positive change!

Today you will hear more about their entrepreneurial journey, how they got to where they are today, what is next and what it is like for them having a partnership-based business.


Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today! I know your very busy with Shiny Soul Creations. Let’s start things off by talking about what has it been like coming from your first customer to where you are today?

Wow.  To be honest, it feels like everything has changed, or rather, evolved.  We like to keep older versions of our product in a little box, and can’t help but laugh when we see what the original version of our branding (or rather, lack thereof) looked like. However, we like to think that the core focus of our business has stayed in tacked, that is, connecting with customers through way of the meaning that our creations hold.

I know you’ve completed business programs in Barrie such as Further, Faster. How has that contributed to your growth? What else has been a good growing tool for you?

Further Faster was the beginning to a forever relationship with the many team members at HBEC.  This program allowed us to get specific about our goals and our visions for Shiny Soul Creations.  It encouraged us to get organized with our finances, reevaluate the retail value of our products, and gain confidence in the way that we engage with customers, retailers, and other entrepreneurs about our brand.

We also participated in Innisfil’s Female Entrepreneurs’ Digital Marketing Bootcamp, which was led by the incredible staff of Camp Tech. This series of workshops really helped us to expand our online presence and gain some confidence in creating effective ad campaigns, building our website and our biggest takeaway – using Canva. If you haven’t already explore this website, you should take a look. It will change your life and turn you into a graphic designer overnight.

Many businesses are sole proprietors but we often do not talk about partnerships as much. How has it been working in a partnership? Do you have any advice for local businesses in a partnership?

Communication, always.  We got really lucky with our partnership and we both organically adopted roles in the business that we were both passionate and efficient at.  It has been really great to allow both of us to continue to do the things that we are good at, which has also created consistency throughout our social media platforms, customer engagement and so on.

Our advice to other businesses in a partnership is understanding the importance of personal self-care.  When we are both individually feeling our best, we get to bring the best parts of ourselves to our business and to each other.  As two intuitive individuals, we also pick up on each others energies level. Being mindful of when we can compensate for the other has strengthened our bond, both personally and professionally.

If you want to take this one step further, learn your business partner’s love language.  Britt feels most appreciated through words of affirmation. So Victoria always go out of her way to tell Britt how appreciative she is of the stuff she has done in any given day.  Victoria feels the most appreciated though acts of service, so Britt will do thoughtful little things for Victoria that bring joy to her day.

(For those of you who are not familiar with love language, visit this website for more information!) 

To finish up our interview, can I ask what is next for Shiny Soul? Where do you see yourselves in the next couple of years?

We foresee a lot of growth in the near future for Shiny Soul Creations. We hope to spread the passion that we have for our brand and continue to connect with people in meaningful ways. Within the next few years, we plan on expanding to more retail locations across the globe, as well as launching some additions to our product line that may be embedded into our customers self-care routines.

Again, ladies thank you for your time! To shop their latest summer collection, please visit their website!