The team who will help guide your digital transformation and grow your online presence. Training and advice are available to independent main street Businesses, completely free through grant funding. Our Squad includes Dustin, with a strong background in web design and development. Melissa, a content creator and writer who helps organizations build their brands and develop effective social media strategies. Chris, with a strong background in ecommerce, including Shopify & Me-zur. Get started at and create your free account to access your digital assessment, training materials and grant application. You can also email to contact us directly!

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Meet The Digital Service Squad:

Melissa Pauli-Cardoso

Service Squad Lead & Social Media Lead

After working abroad implementing a Social Innovation & Culture Exchange pilot project, Melissa’s passion for writing was ignited. Melissa is a freelance content creator that helps organizations learn how to create and launch social media strategies for their businesses. She can help you grow your business by assisting you with brand discovery, persona building and teach you how to navigate your social media channels. She is excited to work with you to share your company’s products or services online.


Dustin Hyden

Web Development Lead

Dustin has spent the better part of his life learning web design and development. Now, he’s joined the Digital Main Street program to help you and other Barrie businesses get online and grow your online presence. He can teach you how to make a basic website, or enhance your existing website. Dustin believes that local business is the key to Barrie’s future growth and wants to help as many businesses as he can to make sure that we, as a community grow and thrive together.


Chris Vonditsianos

Ecommerce and Analytics Lead


Chris is the owner of the digital brand development company Vondivelopment. He is also currently studying for his Honours Bachelors of Business Administration (Management & Leadership). A few other things he has done is created a clothing brand and also own the Shopify app called Me-zur!