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Movie Screening – The Happiness Matrix: Creativity & Personal Mastery

Wednesday October 25, 2017 @ 6:15 pm - 9:15 pm


Based on the popular program, “Creativity and Personal Mastery”, taught at Columbia Business School, Kellogg School of Management, Berkeley’s Haas and London Business Schools, by acclaimed author and Professor Srikumar Rao, The Happiness Matrix is a 2-hour personal growth documentary,manifesting, in a practical, authentic and engaging manner, a powerful thought process that anyone can use to transform their lives. ools, by acclaimed author and Professor Srikumar Rao, The Happiness Matrix is a 2-hour personal growth documentary,manifesting, in a practical, authentic and engaging manner, a powerful thought process that anyone can use to transform their lives.

Media on Prof. Rao’s program:
“Shock to the system.” “The results can be dramatic.” – CNN
“a course to Lasting Fulfillment” – FINANCIAL TIMES
“how to clear the way for career growth.” – FORTUNE
“It’s so meaningful it even has its own alumni association.” – BUSINESSWEEK
“the most popular and highest rated” – FORBES


Prof. Srikumar Rao has developed a life-changing program which is praised by major media and beloved by an active and ever growing community. He has written “Are you Ready to Succeed?” and “Happiness at Work”. Prof. Rao’s program has helped many people change their lives.


A number of Anderson alumni members – entrepreneurs and executives – were selected from a large volume of applicants who were eager to take advantage of the famous program, which traditionally costs thousands of dollars, but paid for by the production company.

The participants portray a rich and sincere reflection of their personal and business life, openly asking for solutions to cope with their most personal “issues”. Breakout exercises (see AGENDA below) show us how the tools are being applied and how instant transformation is made possible.


“A must for anyone who is serious about reaching meaningful goals in every area of their life, and at every stage of their life.” – Raquel Catherine-Duenas

“I am excited and afraid for the possibility of change as we have seen is possible in this program.”
– Betsy Tong

“This program experience is a “must have” for those seeking answers to life’s deeper questions. Why am I here? What’s life’s purpose? How can I be happy? Professor Rao provides the tools to make profound and positive transformations in all aspects of life.” – Rosie O’Neil

“The concept and tools contained in Professor Rao’s work provide a vehicle for a journey and personal understanding that you can find nowhere else. Regardless of where you may be in your particular life’s journey, understanding and applying these principles can change your life and enable you to make the world a better place.” – Robert Hess


“We really enjoyed this! We love conversing with our group. We shared our thoughts, fears, desires and even shed some tears. Thanks you so much Donald for forming this group. It is truly a blessing!” – Saleemah and Willy

“A wonderful way to spend Sunday afternoon. Really good practical information. I enjoyed sharing and listening to a group of like minded individuals. Thanks Donald for organizing such an event, I look forward to coming again”. Manzie

“Yes I agree Manzie, what a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Sunday, learning, giving and being present for others during those exercises.. And to Donald whose time and compassion for what he does spills over to all who attend”. Georgette


Professor Rao’s course has been implemented by some of the world’s top-ranking business schools to show participants how to discover their unique purpose, find deep meaning and adapt to a new take on happiness.

Sourced from wisdom traditions, Dr. Rao’s teachings convey, in his own words, unconventional strategies for achieving personal mastery in business and life, which inspired the creation of this film, The Happiness Matrix.

“Recently, we have seen several inspiring DVDs presenting various philosophies, ideas and “laws” on “spirituality” and abundance, but frustrated by the lack of logic and a practical hands-on approach to personal growth, our search led to the discovery of Dr. Rao’s work.” Fortune Features

“The teachings have helped us avoid jumping to negative conclusions, find and pursue our life’s purpose with resilience and learn how to turn “problems” into opportunities.” Fortune Features

I am so excited by how this film will show us how to improve the quality of life and how to restructure our mindsets to fulfill our dreams. I share Prof. Rao’s genuine approach to these universal desires.

I am confident that The Happiness Matrix will have a life-time impact on you and hope that you will embrace THM with as much enthusiasm as I have.


Donald Gordon Carty is a scientist, philosopher, spiritual explorer, socio-cultural anthropologist, consultant, coach, author, president and founder of the Personal Development Institute, Awaken; Human Potential and Transformation Forums, and the Awaken Cinema Circle.

So, come and take a short walk with me and others of like mind, as we tread the path further into the mysteries of the lived experience of our sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

Presentation; approx. 2 hours. We will start on time, but late is OK.

Discussion, exploration, exercises, worksheets, quizzes; approx. 60 minutes. session.

Total time; 3 hours.

Cost: In order to cover the costs in making this event possible a donation, though not required, would be greatly appreciated. Click this link to donate with credit card through PayPal or donate through E-transfer to jodoncarty@aol.com

Date: Wednesday October 25th 2017

Time: 6:15 PM to 9:15 PM

Place: Grove Park Home 234 Cooke Street, Barrie, ON (Cook St. at Grove St.)

Registration is limited! So please register early.


Call Donald 249-359-8736 or Http://www.barrie.awakenforums.org

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Wednesday October 25, 2017
6:15 pm - 9:15 pm
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